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Long-overdue site update

Two and a half years since my last update – quite a while! WordPress version was old, I was still running PHP 5.6 (outdated for ages now!). Updated both of those, then found that my main WordPress theme was broken and had to manually update a couple of things there too.

You know, at one stage I thought this site was a pretty important part of me – have always been interested and excited in new software products, wound up working for several software companies, have done software support for most of my life (even before leaving school!) but life’s just caught up with over the years and I find that I have had precious little time to indulge in the hobby. I need to think about what’s next for Dhryland. Maybe I’ll have a revelation or a second wind. We’ll see.

WordPress updated

Updated to WordPress v3.4.

Now on Facebook!

Decided to hook up a page on Facebook – hey, everyone else is doing it! Go like the page and we’ll see what I wind up doing with it over the coming months.


NEW: Dhryland’s “Top 20” lists – Windows, Android and iPod Touch/iPhone

imageNew software is coming out all the time for various platforms that I use and having to write a blog post updating a “top-20” list each time just won’t work – mainly because something better inevitably comes out which invalidates a previous entry. I don’t want to go back and retroactively edit entries I’ve written in the blog itself, so I’ve created three new WordPress “pages” on Dhryland which you’ll see right at the top of the screen. At the time of writing there’s nothing in them yet but just as soon as I settle down comfortably I’ll construct what I believe to be the most important programs on each platform – ones which I use every day and/or couldn’t live without. The pages will then be updated as programs are superceded by better programs etc. So bookmark them now and check them regularly. Of course, new blog entries will continue to appear at their current rate of approximately one every quarter century as and when I see fit to write ‘em. And new tweets will continue to appear, too. I know y’all love those.

Comments/captcha should now be working again..

For some reason I had installed two captcha systems on the site and then never actually tested it. I received a report that comments were unable to be added and this was indeed true. I have corrected the problem and comments should now work again, assuming you enter the captcha code correctly. I will also try to minimize any half-baked site tweaking in the future. Sorry about that!

Dhryland updated to WordPress v3.1

As the subject indicates, the WP version on the site has been updated.

WordPress upgraded

Dhryland’s WordPress version has been upgraded to v3.0.

Back.. sorta!

Finished the move to the new house. Stuff is strewn everywhere, in and out of boxes, but the most important stuff (the TV and my PC, aka Dhryland Central) is hooked up and ready to entertain. Still got a crapload of stuff to do but hope to get back to some sense of normalcy soon.

Plugin broke the site..

Recent visitors to Dhryland may have encountered a blank page instead of the usual delightfully informative banter. This turned out to be caused by the WordPress Visitor Maps plugin, which I installed in an attempt to self-host the same features as you currently see in the Feedjit widget on the left of your screen. Thanks to Ulrich Krebs (author of UK’s Kalender) for pointing it out to me. Apologies for the break – I have removed the plugin and you should be able to see the site content fine now. Live and learn..

Couple of new WP plugins installed

Added Hyper-Cache to speed up the site viewing a little (seems to be working nicely). Also, blew away the Flash Twitter post viewer in the right sidebar because it simply didn’t work most of the time. Replaced it with a simple text-based tweet viewer, which is what I had before and what I should have simply stuck with, instead of trying to go all bling-bling for no reaso

Edit: Hyper-Cache turned out to be crap and kept throwing “gzip” errors of some sort. Blew it away and installed WP Super-Cache instead – which seems to be working so far.