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June 2024

VueMinder Calendar Pro: Hot Brownload Award!

Spent a bit of time checking out what was supposed to be one of the better calendar programs out there – VueMinder Calendar Pro. At first glance, it looks really nice, but that’s where the delight ended. It’s sluggish, so colourful that I almost blipped out in an epileptic paroxysm, kept throwing a reminder window into my face despite me cancelling it, snoozing it, you name it.. and worst of all, it failed at the primary reason I was testing it out – I wanted to be able to subscribe to my Google Calendar and then edit events from the VueMinder interface, like I currently do with Sunbird. Subscribe, yep. Edit? Warns you that any edits made to existing events in a subscribed calendar will be lost at the next sync.. BUT you can add a reminder to them if you like! FAIL.

Want a good, free calendar that enables Google Cal syncing? Get Sunbird. Want everything else? Buy Outlook 2007. Seacrest out.

Whisher: Shared wifi? Surely you jest.

image Hot Brownload Award Every so often an idea surfaces which is so unparalleled in it’s stupidity that it boggles one’s mind almost into gibbering insanity. Whisher is one of those ideas. The premise is that you’re supposed to hook their software up into your home wifi connection. You then can become part of a network of free wifi spots aiding passers-by with their idle twittering or instant messaging. At this point, let me pause for effect. Okay, continuing on now.  What this truly means is that, while you’re still responsible to your ISP for all breaches of law committed through your paid-for internet access, you are still giving carte blanche for Whisher users to use your net connection to commit acts of terrorism, treason, piracy, the list goes on. Are you KIDDING me? If ever a program deserved a Dhryland Hot Brownload Award, this is it. It’s almost as bad as a cellphone OS that doesn’t support copy-and-paste, yeah? Almost.

This concept sucks so badly that I’m not even going to post a link to their site. If you want to find out more, the homepage URL isn’t too hard to guess.

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