NEW: Dhryland’s “Top 20” lists – Windows, Android and iPod Touch/iPhone

imageNew software is coming out all the time for various platforms that I use and having to write a blog post updating a “top-20” list each time just won’t work – mainly because something better inevitably comes out which invalidates a previous entry. I don’t want to go back and retroactively edit entries I’ve written in the blog itself, so I’ve created three new WordPress “pages” on Dhryland which you’ll see right at the top of the screen. At the time of writing there’s nothing in them yet but just as soon as I settle down comfortably I’ll construct what I believe to be the most important programs on each platform – ones which I use every day and/or couldn’t live without. The pages will then be updated as programs are superceded by better programs etc. So bookmark them now and check them regularly. Of course, new blog entries will continue to appear at their current rate of approximately one every quarter century as and when I see fit to write ‘em. And new tweets will continue to appear, too. I know y’all love those.