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June 2024

Memorex SimpleSave: very cool no mess, no fuss photo backup

image I was in my local OfficeMax today and saw something that I thought was cool enough to come home and blog about. Many people I’ve helped set PCs up for have said that they’d like to back up their important stuff (duh), mostly their digital photos though. There are several things that us techs can do, such as setting them up with USB drives and scheduled backups with all manner of programs. Some bright spark at Memorex has come up with a super simple alternative. Basically, you can buy a pack of writable DVDs, but they all have a small program on them to start with. The program is a backup tool which automatically searches for all the photos on your computer and then allows you to save them to the very same DVD! You don’t need to install any additional software or really do anything except put one of these backup DVDs in your drive and allow your PC’s autorun system to kick in the program. If it runs out of space then it automatically prompts you for the next DVD. That’s a pretty damn cool idea if, purely by way of random example, your dad lives 7,507 miles away from you and only has dialup and is asking you to help him backup his digital pics. A bonus is that the included software also recognizes and backs up 50 types of video files as well. Gets my grandparent-friendly award of the week.

Memorex SimpleSave

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