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June 2024

Enabling ESNI in Firefox

imageFor those of you using Firefox, you can make your browsing more secure by doing the following:

  1. Update to the latest version of Firefox.
  2. Type about:config in the URL bar to get to the configuration screen.
  3. Type esni in the search field and look for
  4. Doubleclick this row to change it to true. What this means is: The Server Name Indication (SNI) exposes the hostname the client is connecting to when establishing a TLS connection. Doing so can compromise your privacy. Encrypted SNI keeps the hostname private when you are visiting an Encrypted SNI enabled site on Cloudflare by concealing your browser’s requested hostname from anyone listening on the Internet.
  5. Type trr in the search field and look for network.trr.mode
  6. Doubleclick on this and change it to 2 – this switches all DNS calls to be made over HTTPS.
  7. Restart Firefox (probably not necessary but do it anyway) and browse to then click on Check My Browser to test the browser’s security. You can visit this site with your existing browser and test it to see what’s secure and what’s not.
  8. Doesn’t require Firefox -> permanently change your Primary DNS server to and your secondary to On your phone, on your router, on your PC, everywhere. These belong to Cloudflare. supports DNS over TLS assuming you are using a client (like Firefox) to take advantage of that functionality.

I use Chrome and unfortunately this functionality doesn’t exist in that browser at time of writing (although I *am* using Cloudflare’s DNS). But any steps you take to protect your privacy on the net are good steps. Might need to temporarily switch to Firefox until this stuff makes its way Chrome-side. TL;DR: Your ISP and other enterprising internet entities can see every website you look up; using these technologies allows you to shield your activity so The Man don’t see you.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all. Guess what my new year’s resolution is? Open-mouthed smile

Open Live Writer

imageMan, it’s been FOREVER since I posted on this blog! Really need to get a few things updated on it, life basically took over and I’ve found I just didn’t have the time or motivation lately. However, today I discovered a product called Open Live Writer, basically a fork of the Windows Live Writer code, and that’s what I’m writing this entry with. Looks and works pretty much exactly the same as WLW. “Open Live Writer works with many popular blog service providers such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Moveable Type, DasBlog and many more.”

Open Live Writer

Aussies, please sign this. You DON’T want the Patriot Act over there. Trust me.


Saw these in Micaël Reynaud’s Google+ feed. Freaking awesome. Lots more there too..


Thanks, Tony!

imageI wanted to post a quick thanks here to my long-time friend Tony. Years ago, Tony told me that I should register (I had been running the site in various forms since 1997 but always off some other hosting location such as Geocities) and eventually he went and registered it for me. He has owned the domain since 2004 and we only recently transferred it to my ownership. Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ, Tony!

Diablo III for PC: countdown

I will seriously buy ALL the Monster energy drinks from the local Frys and take a week off work when this thing comes out.

Amusing how my blog has regressed to be a game countdown. I promise I’ll have something sensible and useful posted on here soon. I’m sure it’ll be the first time for both.

Gears of War III for 360 countdown..

Hopefully THIS one will be more worth the wait than that abysmal Splatterhouse game..

Splatterhouse 360.. anxiously I wait..

Dan the Man: real life told through the medium of video entertainment

Hilarious YouTube video. Thanks to Deicide for throwing it up on my FB account *8-)
Mip mip mip mip mip!

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