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October 2009

VueMinder Calendar Pro: Hot Brownload Award!

Spent a bit of time checking out what was supposed to be one of the better calendar programs out there – VueMinder Calendar Pro. At first glance, it looks really nice, but that’s where the delight ended. It’s sluggish, so colourful that I almost blipped out in an epileptic paroxysm, kept throwing a reminder window into my face despite me cancelling it, snoozing it, you name it.. and worst of all, it failed at the primary reason I was testing it out – I wanted to be able to subscribe to my Google Calendar and then edit events from the VueMinder interface, like I currently do with Sunbird. Subscribe, yep. Edit? Warns you that any edits made to existing events in a subscribed calendar will be lost at the next sync.. BUT you can add a reminder to them if you like! FAIL.

Want a good, free calendar that enables Google Cal syncing? Get Sunbird. Want everything else? Buy Outlook 2007. Seacrest out.

Keyboard design FAIL

imageWell, it’s not as funny as the other articles on, but it’s still an epic fail as far as I’m concerned. This is a photo of my Gear Head KB2200B soft-touch 107-key keyboard. Note the position of the off-switch in relation to the delete key. Be caaare-fulll…

(click picture for full size.. don’t expect too much in terms of quality though)

When is a peacock not a peacock?

When it’s a peaCOcock.


The real versus stated purpose of Powerpoint

image How true this observation is. I’d have twittered it but the quote is a little longer than the twitter maximum. Taken from “Hiring is Obsolete” by Paul Graham.

"…The stated purpose of Powerpoint is to present ideas. Its real role is to overcome people’s fear of public speaking. It allows you to give an impressive-looking talk about nothing, and it causes the audience to sit in a dark room looking at slides, instead of a bright one looking at you.”

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