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July 2011

Awesome idea – post “tagging” or “rating” on FB and G+

I heard a brilliant suggestion today from one of my workmates in the break room – the concept of mandatory tagging of your posts with keywords. Like "dead relative", "pets", “religion” etc. Would work great for both G+ and especially Facebook. We have it in WordPress and I have no idea why it doesn’t exist in the online social networks (yet?) Imagine being able to globally filter your friends’ posts based on keywords, so you never need to read about their dead relatives or pets or bollocks about God etc but you can read all the other stuff. Or maybe a "happiness ranking" that you can give your posts so that your friends don’t need to read anything that has a happiness ranking of –20 or a nudity ranking below 50. This way your fun, idle surfing time doesn’t need to be destroyed by having a story about your mate’s dead grandpa etc get thrown in your face, thus bringing down your entire week. Sensational idea. I should jump and patent it.

Rejetto HTTPFileServer: share your files via HTTP

imageI’ve been a fan of Filezilla Server for a very long time. It’s a fast, free FTP server app that’s solid as a rock (as in, it has never EVER crashed on me) and supports some nice things like mode-Z compression, virtual directories and even secure transfer protocols. A while ago I heard about HTTPFileServer (HFS) but never actually thought to download and take a look at it – until today. And boy, am I impressed! You KNOW that doesn’t happen often.

Basically this (freeware!) program is a single executable which opens up a server on your machine that allows connections and transfers via the HTTP protocol. That means anyone that you want to share files with doesn’t need an FTP client, just a browser. Assuming you configure everything correctly on your LAN and router, you can offer up directories via HFS. People can use eg Firefox to look through your directories, download individual files, tag entire folders to be .TAR-red and downloaded en masse, and even upload files to your server. Full permissions can be set on a per-directory basis. You can add folders as “real” or as “virtual”. The amount of configuration options is vast, probably another reason I like it so much. Logging to screen, file. Dynamic DNS (CJB, No-IP, DynDNS) support built-in. Bandwidth monitor. Descript.ion support. Process Explorer shows this thing idling with 25Mb RAM usage – that’s nice and low. It even offers the ability to customize the HTTP template so that the end-user can get a different look and feel – the bizarrely-named Thunderchicken of Glory skin even allows MP3 preview directly within the browser. And apparently it works fine running in Wine under Linux. (Like most of us care, eh?)

This program is obviously not for everyone, but if you need to share a set of files or folders on your machine and offer them to friends with a minimum of fuss on their end, this is definitely an awesome option. It’s even great with just sharing files on your local network. Is it better than Filezilla Server? From what I’ve seen of it, I’d say it’s on par. And that’s DEFINITELY high praise from me.

Rejetto HTTPFileServer

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