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January 2023

Notesnook: encrypted synced notes app for Windows/iOS

imageMessing around with Notesnook for the first time. I like it a lot. Firstly, it has a FREE plan (some other systems don’t have this, I believe EVERYTHING should have at least a lame free tier for individual users). Their free tier gets you encryption, unlimited device sync (screw you, Evernote and Lastpass!), offline access, unlimited notes, and rich text editor with markdown support (screw you, StandardNotes!) and text/background color. Plus checklists, outline lists, math formulas, quotes and code blocks. Pro gets you a stack of other stuff for $50/year, which I wouldn’t use since I already have Obsidian. And yes I could use Obsidian for all of the above, but I’m looking for a cheap and easy replacement for Simplenote and this just might be it. First impression is super favorable! Windows, iOS app or web.

Oh, and you can publish a note to a publically accessible URL – either permanently, or "self destruct on first view". With the free plan! Nice!

System Informer: Windows Task Manager replacement

For years I’ve used a program called System Explorer on Windows as a replacement for the default task manager. Can be set to replace the default taskmgr completely and has a huge amount of features including an excellent little popup when hovering over the systray area. I never thought anything would beat it, despite it becoming abandonware years ago, but I’ve finally found a replacement which is even better. System Informer – completely freeware. Looks excellent, AND it’s going to be regularly updated. It’s the evolution of a program which used to be known as Process Hacker. Does everything that System Explorer does and even more.

download 4dfe60eea2297f8e download (1)

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