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June 2024


Well, I’m on a month-long (!) vacation and FINALLY find myself with enough time to revisit this site and take a look through a few things. Realised that the theme that I was using was outdated and isn’t receiving any updates anymore, so I went looking for one that was similar and failed miserably. I’m going to keep the existing theme for right now, I don’t know if a future WordPress update will break it completely but hey, will cross that bridge when I come to it. Did a few plugin updates and messed with the widgets a little and, well.. it looks pretty much the same as it always did. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Offline for just a little while longer..

December and January have proved to be incredibly busy for me. The major issue has been moving house, and that was completed yesterday. All my stuff is still bubble-wrapped and/or still in moving boxes and it’ll probably take me two weeks to sift through and sort everything. Not sure when the home PCs and laptops will get hooked up – we have cable TV and internet getting activated tomorrow. Hoping to get a start on some blog posts mid-way through February. Stay tuned – I’ll still be twittering in the meantime (from cell or at work during lunchtime).

Plugin broke the site..

Recent visitors to Dhryland may have encountered a blank page instead of the usual delightfully informative banter. This turned out to be caused by the WordPress Visitor Maps plugin, which I installed in an attempt to self-host the same features as you currently see in the Feedjit widget on the left of your screen. Thanks to Ulrich Krebs (author of UK’s Kalender) for pointing it out to me. Apologies for the break – I have removed the plugin and you should be able to see the site content fine now. Live and learn..

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